These files are downloadable files and will play high-quality music with a video accompaniment produced entirely by moi with my Sony Handycam and some crappy free video-production software.

Play with volume up. Bass up. Otherwise don't play at all!

Because of the large file sizes (and an attempt to be arty) the general approach I have taken is to take random, often junky, video clips and choose some pop-music that brings the video to life! It doesn't work for everybody - but I don't really care either. Enjoy.

These videos are NOT meant for streaming! Right-click on your mouse and do "save target as" and save to a folder of your choice on your computer. Then go get a cup of coffee. When you come back just double-click on the saved file.

I have converted all the music videos from the old MPEG 1 format to the new MPEG 4 format using the DIV/X codec - which has resulted in massive reductions in file size - and even better quality video than I had before - but this also means that you must ensure that you have the DIV/X codec installed in your PC - because Windows Media Player and Real Player do NOT come with the DIV/X codec as standard.

But TRUST ME - the installation of the DIV/X codec is really very easy - just click here to download the DIV/X codec installation program. When you've downloaded that - just double-click on it and it'll be installed in less than 30 seconds.

If you don;t trust me and want to know more about what you are downloading and installing then please click here to go to the DIV/X download page. The above download is exactly the same as the one underneath the bottom of the table on that page labelled "Standard DivX Codec(FREE)" next to the icon that looks like this:

pop vids :

Goodbye Hammersmith
10.1 Mbytes
Inner Smile

Teacher Graduation
6.03 Mbytes

Searching for FUME
11.1 Mbytes
Bob Marley
Natural Mystic

O2 Bus Journey

9.11 Mbytes

Brand launch
4.04 Mbytes
I 've Got the Power

North Circular to IKEA
8.08 Mbytes
Transvision Vamp
I Want Your Love

New York Wedding
14.1 Mbytes
B15 Project:
Girls Like Us


<<< Feelgood video celebrating our time in Hammersmith (London) coming to an end. Features many clips of the office and Hammersmith environment. Sad ending.

<<< Mrs Jag Graduates as a teacher

<<< Footage of London urban graffiti passing by as I stare out of the tube-train window on the way to work.

<<< O2 montage centred on Slough minibus journey.
Play it loud!

<<< Various clips of O2 Brand launch celebrations from the Hammersmith perspective.

<<< Great visuals on a drive round North Circular near IKEA one Sunday afternoon. Good punky music.

<<< A music video of my cousin Seema's wedding in New York - Jan 2000

moments in time:

Goodbye Concorde
4.08 Mbytes
Toni Braxton
Unbreak my heart

The job for me
2.03 Mbytes
The job for me

Out of love in the Far East

5.08 Mbytes
I'm Outta Love

30 seconds from the tube
2.08 Mbytes
Afrika Bambaata & SSF
Renegades of Funk


<<< Saying goodbye to Concorde from Hammersmith Bridge.

<<< Some random clips of my friends at work.


<<< Some spectacular clips taken whilst working with Genie Asia in Hong Kong - November 2000.

<<< Featuring the famous Genie flags! The 30 second dash from the tube train to the Genie offices in Hammersmith!


My Gangsters in the USA
11.1 Mbytes
George Baker Selection
Little Green Bag
(Reservoir Dogs theme)


<<< Effective music backing to a montage of family holiday video shot in Las Vegas, Hollywood, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree desert etc.